Unique Parent-Involvement Training!

Sean Buvala title 1 parent engagement programming in Arizona
Professional storyteller and author, Sean Buvala, is our lead instructor.
In our unusual workshops, we focus on the oral-storytelling tradition to help parents create homes full of language. Homes full of language are an essential building block of literacy. For our Title 1 Parent Involvement programs: When you book our “Story-Skilled Child” workshops, you’ll help parents engage with their children’s education while easily building literacy and math skills. Together with our team, you will create memorable parent-involvement training that will leave your parents wanting more. They will be eager (and ready) to apply the content to their own families from the very first workshop they attend.

Our workshops and training will mesh with any parental-involvement program, with or without the Title 1 options.

Download our Title-1 Parent-Involvement postcard.

the logo for parent involvement title 1 training in ArizonaThey Say:
“The Story-Skilled-Child workshop was extraordinarily insightful and meaningful for any parent or educator. The workshop was not only entertaining, but gave both parents and educators a new set of skills that will most certainly reinforce and celebrate literacy at school and in the home.” – Brian W., Principal, Sunset Ridge School

Features and Benefits:

Parents interact and engage with each other in the presentations. This isn’t an hour-long lecture on the history of literacy.

Sessions are taught by seasoned, professional authors and storytellers with decades of experience both professionally and with their own children. Our focus and training are firmly rooted in the “what really works” practice of communications, not just dry theory.

Learning Focused!
There are no “projected slides”* or long lectures. One to three sessions per school give many opportunities for parents to ask questions and receive focused attention to their needs.

Parents learn to immediately use their Natural Skills rather than having to add “one more thing” to their already busy schedules. The skills we teach blend seamlessly into the lives of families of all types, affirming what they already do well while giving them new ways (not checklists and charts) to integrate and encourage language in their homes.

Resources Used:
In addition to direct, live teaching and interaction, we feature two books as part of the learning.

front cover of the daddyteller book used in our title 1 program in ArizonaIn session one
, each family will receive a copy of the “DaddyTeller” book by Sean Buvala. Focusing on the “put the book down” approach to oral storytelling, DaddyTeller will provide parents with eight stories to learn and use with their kids, applying the techniques that are taught and practiced in the first session. While the title has the word “Daddy” in it, the content applies to parents and caregivers of all genders.

cover for the apples for the princess book used in our parent involvement programming in schoolsIn session two, the focus is on family-history based storytelling and interactive techniques for reading a book with a child. In this session we feature the children’s book, “Apples for the Princess” also created by Sean Buvala and illustrated by Michelle Buvala. In this session, each family attending will receive a copy of this book as well.

Let’s Talk. You could arrange a free demonstration workshop for your decision-making team. Please call our office at (623) 298-4548.

*In most events, we don’t use “projected slides” for our workshops except in the cases of very large groups where some activities may require it.
**Presented in collaboration with Daddyteller, Storyteller.net and the Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group LLC.