Why Your Kids Need the Performing Arts

By Sean Buvala

The performing arts have been a prominent part of society for generations.

Whether it’s dance, music, or storytelling, the intricacies of these performing arts cannot be stressed enough. From children to seniors, the performing arts remain an integral part of maximizing one’s potential as a human being.

Here are some of the reasons why your kids need the performing arts in their lives.

Build Creativity

It starts with creativity.

Children are often seen using their imagination but how can this be harnessed into something truly life-changing and productive? This is a question many experts have asked and it’s important to dig deeper for a proper answer.

Studies have shown the performing arts do a wonderful job of engaging the creative part of one’s brain. This is just as important as the analytical part. Anyone that is looking to put their child on the road to success needs to create a well-rounded routine, which should include the performing arts.

Promote New Forms of Communication

Photo by Eszter Biró on Unsplash

Many children in their earlier years will learn various forms of communication.

However, the most common forms will include basic dialogue and the written word. While these are intriguing and useful, they are not the only forms. This is where the performing arts come into action with its unique forms of communication including visual cues, music, and more.

Children are able to grasp these concepts and make them their own from a young age. However, it all starts by taking them to a musical performance or storytelling event. These little decisions do add up!

Build Self-Confidence

Imagine being out on the stage and having to perform memorized lines in front of people.

This can be a fascinating experience and is something children should get to go through at a young age. It builds their self-confidence as they learn to adapt to these moments. They become willing to take risks and that leaks into all parts of their life.

Encourage Discipline

The performing arts require discipline and a certain level of dedication.

All of those dance practices and music lessons add up and it starts with a commitment to learning. Kids start to appreciate hard work and how far it can take them. It quickly becomes a passion.

Improve Coordination

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

Whether it’s learning how to play the piano or performing a theatrical act, there’s a certain requirement for coordination. Younger kids are primed for developing these fine motor skills and there’s no better way of doing so than with the help of performing arts.

Several studies have shown a direct link between coordination and learning how to play musical instruments. In fact, it’s highly recommended to have children learn how to play at least one instrument (i.e. piano, flute, violin) from a young age to harness their abilities.

These are the reasons why your kids need the performing arts in their lives. Whether it’s heading to the local theater for a theatrical performance or listening to a story at the library, the performing arts are truly exciting and meaningful in a child’s life!

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